18 August 2008


If you or someone you know has any experience or knowledge of the condition/syndrome/disease of hydrops in babies, Baby Zoe's family is looking for answers. You can leave them messages at their blog or also at Zoe's Aunt Nancy's blog, Chocolate Ink.

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Nancy said...

Lora, thanks so much for your prayers and for helping us get the word out about hydrops.

As far as I understand it, there is an immune-related and non-immune hydrops. Zoe has the non-immune "version" that means it was not related at all to Carmen's blood or immune system. (I believe this is the type that is related to the Rh factor). There are other reasons (chromosomal defects, effects of STDs, etc.) for the cause of the non-immunal type of Hydrops. That is where they are having trouble finding the cause in Zoe...all of the tests are coming back negative.

We appreciate the continued prayer and support.