30 December 2008

Christmas Spirit Award

Steviewren at a little birdie told me so generously gave me The Christmas Spirit Award:) I {heart} Christmas, so I was happy to receive it. Thank you, Steviewren!!

I'm supposed to list 5 of my favorite things about Christmas, so here goes....in no particular order...

  1. tucking my kiddos in for the night with their Christmas trees as their nightlights--their little faces are always filled with wonder:)
  2. receiving Christmas cards from family and friends, especially the far away ones that send pictures!
  3. watching old classic holiday movies with my family (because we know all the lines by heart!)
  4. reading The Advent Book each night to The Princess and Mr. B--they get so excited thinking of what will be behind that night's door
  5. discovering what *gag* gifts my dad and sister have bought for our stockings, they're very creative:)

This list certainly isn't conclusive, because I could go on and on since I do really love so many things about the holiday season. I have enjoyed sharing this season with my bloggy friends this year! Thanks for making it so much fun!!


steviewren said...

Kids and Christmas are a must on my list too. There is nothing else in the world like the wonder and anticipation of a child at this time of year.

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