06 July 2009

Let the Tour Begin!

Welcome to our new home!
I thought that doing some posts showing our new home would be some serious motivation to get it done!! You know the saying about the best way to get a clean house is to throw a party
....at least that's what I always say!

So come right on in!

the front door/entryway

I'm planning some *mis-treatments* for my oh-so-bare windows soon

I love that my friend/decorator/helper Ashley talked me into using my antique drop-leaf table as an end table. I think it turned out great in that spot!

I also love that we decided to put the coffee table in the middle of the not-so-big room. It makes it cozy and pulls it together.

I {heart} this chair...I just wish there was room for its matching ottoman, too.

looking back toward the entryway

the love seat on the *short* wall, looking into the dining area

Aren't these baskets cute as an end table
(I only have one *true* end table, so I have to be creative!).
And see that lamp? It used to be an ugly bright brass. I got Vince to spray paint it black--
now I love it!!

Can you tell that we love, love, love to read?! And I still have boxes of books that I didn't have room for here. I need more bookcases!!! Below are some detail shots from the bookcases:

one in a pair of vintage prints picked up on the cheap while antiquing
Peruvian pottery
a small cork carving from Hong Kong

Well, I hope you've enjoyed your visit to my living room! More of the tour to come soon!
(Just as soon as I make more of those pesky boxes disappear!!)


Stephanie said...

Lora, I love your house! (Well, the living room atleast) It looks like you're getting everything settled in quite nicely.

Sherry said...

Nicely done, thanks for sharing!

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

comfy cozy homey, neat , clean.. all the words a home should be!! :)

Betsy said...

It looks like you've been there forever! :) Very nice!

Lisa said...

Your home is beautiful! It does look very comfy and homey. I really like that you used the table as an end table. Great idea! I like the baskets as well & you gave me a great idea when you described your lamp. The black is really pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Looks like you're getting unpacked and decorated quickly. I agree with Betsy...looks like you've been there forever.

Lora said...

Thanks, Y'all! It definitely helps one feel settled to start getting rooms all done:)

Lisa~did you think of something to paint? Spray paint is my *friend*! lol

Kari said...

It really has come together very quickly. =) Looks good!

kandis said...

love it! gorgeous. can't wait to see it for myself. :) k

Lora said...

does that mean you're coming to town soon?! I'd love to see you!!

Laura said...

Great job, Lora! It looks so inviting. I especially love the "unconventional" end tables.

Mrs. C said...

Your new house already looks so homey and inviting. Great job on everything. And, you have a whole new lamp thanks to black spray paint. Very cool!

Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed my visit.

Serina Tustin said...

Very beautiful!

Angela said...

It looks AWESOME, Lora! What a beautiful job you have done! It is warm and cozy and looks like you guys feel right at home already! I can't wait to see the rest!