01 October 2009

Its State Fair Time!

Funnel cake, anyone? Its state fair time again and the kiddos experienced it for the first time yesterday. They loved every minute! As long as they were together they were ready for any ride. Even though I've always loved to ride rides, I had even more fun today just watching the kiddos enjoy them. They were so cute!

We pretty much just did kiddie rides, except for the one time we all rode the big Viking ship together. The kiddos weren't quite so sure about it, and I must admit I almost freaked out~everything is different after becoming a parent. You just don't feel like you can do irresponsible things anymore, such as riding carnival rides. lol

We also really enjoyed looking at all of the animals. First of all, there was the petting zoo. And even though it makes me a little sad to see the animals in those small pens, the kids really enjoyed getting to feed such animals as dromedary camels and zebra along with the traditional farm animals. Finally, we visited the farm animals that were there for the judging. It was fun walking through their stalls, feeling like we were in the story of Charlotte's Web:)
These Black Angus were not impressed with us and wouldn't turn around. This photo cracks me up!Then there were the many breeds of chickens. They were so fun~and funny~to look at! We all especially loved this fluffy-headed chicken:)

The dairy cows were much friendlier than the Angus. And the sheep were humorous, too, I always think of how God's Word compares us to sheep.
It was really a fun day and the weather was great! I am LOVING this Fall weather.
What about you? Is it *Fair Time* where you live? Do you go/participate/avoid like the plague? Tell me about it!


Betsy said...

Well, I guess we avoid it...but only because our boys wouldn't enjoy the crowd and loudness. We live in the center of farm country and lots of kids do the 4H and enter their animals. Our fairs up here are in August before school starts.

The Park Wife said...

Love the Fair when we have this beautiful Fall weather (however, it will probably be a scorcher on Thanksgiving). I took the kids to Kid's Day at the Fair last week with the homeschool group, lots of fun.

Lisa said...

Our fair was last week, but we didn't go. We did go last year and the kids had a blast! The petting zoo is one of their favorite stops. You are right about doing irresponsible things once you become a parent. There are many things that I can't bring myself to do now that I wouldn't have thought twice about as a teenager. Now I like to roam the booths and watch the judging. Sometimes I think it would be interesting to enter!

Lora said...

Having the fair before school starts back is probably the best idea. I couldn't believe how many students were skipping yesterday!! I was informed that was the common, expected practice~who knew?!

I really enjoyed looking at all of the canned goods, vegetables, etc. Emma was asking if we *could do that sometime*:)

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

They already had the state fair here before school started and while the weather was still guaranteed to be a little warmer. This was the last year for the Michigan State Fair.

I don't have to go to the fair anymore for funnel cakes, remember?!

Christie said...

Yes, it is fair time here in the Dallas area, but unfortunately I avoid it. It looks like you guys had a really great time though. =)