13 February 2010

Catching My Breath

Today I am sitting in a quiet house. It's a lovely sort of quiet. There's been lots of noise all week. But my husband left on his trip this morning, our 15 house guests are at the youth conference and my kiddos are at Nana & Papi's.

So as I type this I am sitting at my computer with color-to-cover-all-that-gray-stuff on my roots, listening to my Phil Collins Pandora station, sipping iced tea and enjoying the beautiful bouquet that my sweet hubby just had delivered to me. Aren't they beautiful?! Even though he's out of town, he is still making my Valentine's day very special. I love that man!

Pardon me while I go rinse my hair...

OK, that's better. Sorry about the interruption, but you know me, I have to follow those instructions or I might end up with lavender hair again. And that's not pretty.

I know I said I'd be around this week~and I was, a little bit~but not as much as I wanted to be. There was just no time until late and by then I was practically passing out in the bed. My week mostly consisted of a full week of homeschooling, baking over 300 cookies for the Genesis youth conference, getting 5 more casseroles in the freezer for my sister-in-law, getting the house ready for a dozen teenagers + their leaders to stay the weekend... I'm sorry to say that at times it also included a short temper and impatience on my behalf due to much over-tiredness. I'm so glad my family still loves me.

So today I'm catching my breath while I'm all alone. I'm cuddled up in my brand-new Snuggie with a brand-new book. And while I already miss my husband and I'm looking forward to seeing the kiddos tonight, I'm enjoying some alone time right now.


hallee@halleethehomemaker.com said...

Those flowers are beautiful!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Your flowers are so beautiful! You have a sweetie. It sounds like you have had the kitchen cranking up with all the cooking. I was put on some new medicine and it is not agreeing with me. Ugh. Horrible indigestion. I know TMI. I used to love attending youth conferences. There is something just so special about getting together with hundreds of fellow Christians for a youth revival. Although those conferences were back probably before you were born I still remember them like yesterday. God is so good! Get some rest.

Kim said...

The flowers are beautiful. I hope you enjoy them.