18 April 2010

Eating Beans & Cornbread Made Me A Winner...Well, Sort Of

Actually, I bet it was that random number generator, but does it really matter? :)

Econobusters had a cookbook giveaway a couple of weeks ago~and I won! The cookbook is Gooseberry Patch's new one, Dinner$ on a Dime.

To enter you were to leave a comment telling your family's fave frugal meal. Well, ours is definitely pinto beans and cornbread (which we are having tomorrow night, of course). The kids love it and it's so nutritious and cheap.

The cookbook came in the mail this weekend and I am really enjoying looking through it. I can already tell it will probably become a favorite of mine. If you get a chance, check it out!

Thank you, Econobusters and Gooseberry Patch!!

1 comment:

Soozcat said...

All hail the beans and cornbread dinner! We had some of that tonight, actually -- it was deeelish, and the price is hard to beat.