20 September 2010

Let the Celebration Begin!

Y'all know I like to party for at least a week or so for my birthday, right? I mean, what's the fun in getting older if you don't take the opportunity to really celebrate?!

This year is no exception. I've already gotten a couple of awesome packages in the mail (yea!) and my hubby and kiddos have made me...(wait for it)....CUPCAKES!!! From the Hello, Cupcake! book, of course!

They are SO yummy! He made them chocolate with a sweet surprise tucked inside: mini 3Musketeer bars~one of my faves! After baking in, they made the insides all gooey and delicious! Mmmm....

He was a little frustrated with the butterfly wing technique and had some problems which is why more of them aren't decorated with wings. I told him I didn't know of another husband anywhere that would go to all of this trouble to make his wife cake for her birthday and I think they're all awesome!! And he's awesome!!

So as you can see, my birthday is off to a wonderful and yummy start:) And I hear that I need to be ready for dinner tonight as Vince and the kiddos have yet another surprise for me. Can you tell they spoil me a little?

I like to be spoiled:)


Kathy said...

wow, those cupcakes are rockin'! And what a great hubby you have ... you'll have to ask him to 'guest post' here on your blog so he can teach us all how he made those butterflies! =)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Lora!!!

What a great start to your birthday you have! The cupcakes are very pretty, and you're right, not too many men would go to such trouble to bake a cake, ha! Great job Vince :)

Enjoy your day...or week LOL!

Jacki said...

Happy Birthday! (Today is also my sister's birthday)

Although I am a complete stranger, raising my 15 month old daughter with my fabulous husband in Florida, I really enjoy reading your blog! It always makes me smile and leaves me very warm hearted!

Jacki @ tomjackiskyler.blogspot.com

My Magnolia Cottage by Lori said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Birthday Lora! May God bless you in the next year.

Crickit said...

Happy Birthday Lora! I hope you have a great week celebrating. I love the cupcakes...what a fun treat!

Ellen said...

Oh my word -- 3 Musketeers INSIDE the cupcake?? That is fabulous! And what a guy!

Happy birthday blessings to you!

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday, Lora! I am SO impressed with those cupcakes! Enjoy the last of the 30's! :)

Havah Mommy said...

Wow that is impressive! Good job Vince and kids! I am definitely going to have to get that cookbook. Looks like so much fun. Havah and I can have fun in the kitchen when she gets a little older.

Happy Birthday!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Girl! Looks fantastic! What a sweet family you have! Sounds like your birth-week is off to a GREAT and yummy start!