03 January 2011

Back-to-Homeschool: Semester 2

I can't believe it, but our second semester of school is already here. That *long* holiday break that I planned just seemed to fly by!

I am happy to report, however, that we are on schedule with our lesson plans. While we may not have done every single activity or experiment or craft that I wanted to do, we are coming along nicely~thank goodness!

Now though the winter months are here. And I had a huge revelation last year: these are the really tough ones for me. This is our 4th year to homeschool, although only the 3rd to have a true schedule. And these cooped-up winter months are the ones that nearly do me in.

So this year I am determined to make more time for getting out of the house, going for nature walks even if it's cold, making time for a field trip at least once a month and just being patient with everyone's cabin fever~including my own.

Thankfully I have my January lesson plans already done and I don't have to think about February through May just yet. This week is starting off as a busy one. Our homeschool group is having their Science Fair this Thursday and we have two projects to finish. This is the first time for my kiddos to participate in a school fair and I'm excited for them.

And it should make it more exciting for them to get back into the groove of school again (yea!).


So are your kiddos starting back-to-school this week as well? How is that going?

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