03 June 2011

A Summertime Tea Party

This week one of The Princess' friends came over for a playdate. Part of that play time involved a much-planned tea party.

The Easy Bake Oven was brought out and little cakes were whipped up.

Or more specifically...there was yellow cake with vanilla frosting and pink sprinkles...

...and a sugar cookie with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles...

...and finally, a chocolate brownie with vanilla frosting and yellow sprinkles.

(Can you tell I have an abundance of sprinkles, but not so much in the way of frosting?:)

Mr. B was lucky to wrangle himself an invitation to the girly tea party~he tried very hard to be on his best behavior. I'm not so sure he succeeded. At least he got a brownie out of the deal though.

And a very lovely time was had by all.

How is your summer starting off?

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