02 November 2011

Ooka Island: A Review

Have you been to Ooka Island yet? Or, more importantly, have the early readers in your home been there? They will absolutely LOVE it! It's a downloadable hero mission-based reading program that will help your early reader read fluently and well.

Ooka Island is a site geared just toward Pre-K through 2nd grade to help improve their reading skills. I have been reviewing their site recently with my 1st grade son, Mr. B, and it is just really amazing! He has just loved it--and, frankly, I've been pretty impressed. The graphics and animation on the site are really top notch. The characters are cute and fun and the games are a blast, too.

Each time my son logs on he follows Zobot, an adorable robot, through about 20 minutes of reading activities. This includes earning prizes which are collected in each child's personal *trophy room*. Then he reads a new virtual book from the *popcorn l
ibrary*. And for his final 8 minutes there are all of the awesome games to play while exploring *the island*: the cave of sounds, word ball, the cake factory and bubbly trubbly...just to name a few of them. Each of them are literacy-based and help reinforce letter sounds and reading skills. You can read more about the Ooka Island Innovative Reading Strategy here.

Mr. B could seriously play all day long, if I would let him:) He has certainly done more than one lesson a day at times. He has really taken off with reading this year and this program has been a great encouragement for him.

Head over to Ooka Island's site and check them out. Read about what they have to offer, look at their FAQ's page and don't forget to visit their YouTube channel for some awesome videos and songs!

Ooka Island has a couple of different pricing options for families which you can read more about here. Plus, there is an exclusive launch special code: LAUNCHSPECIAL30 for 30% off on a monthly subscription.

All in all, this program has been a huge hit with my family. I know Mr. B will continue to enjoy learning through this site's game based learning and I look forward to his increased reading skills--and watching him have fun doing all of that!

I definitely recommend this site for your early readers, especially those who need a little encouragement in that area.
Disclaimer: I received a free short-term subscription to this site through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and Ooka Island in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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