12 February 2012

See-n-Spell: A Review

Lately The Princess has been using a new tool with her writing activities called See-N-Spell.  See-N-Spell is simply a "quick reference guide for spelling and vocabulary".  

The Princess, being in 3rd grade, is now doing a lot more writing exercises in her Language Arts studies.  Of course, this involves a lot more asking of the question "How do you spell______?".  

Now, I know that all children think it's the job of their parents to be a walking/talking dictionary--and I often am--but there comes a time when they need to take responsibility for finding out those spellings for themselves.  However, that big dictionary on the bookshelf may be a bit daunting for them.  Then comes See-N-Spell to the aid! 

See-N-Spell truly is a quick reference guide for spelling and vocabulary.  It's a 40-page booklet based on the 300+ most common vocabulary words used in the (American) English language.  It's created to help young writers compose their writing assignments correctly and with confidence.  

There are three sections to See-N-Spell.  Section one is arranged in alphabetical order to help the writer easily find the word.  Section two is all about commonly misspelled words and Section three is a special place to write down any *special interest words* that the writer may want to add to their guide.  

Even though this book is recommended for grades 4-adult, this has been a great tool for my 3rd grader to use on her own to confidently find words she needs to spell.  She has really enjoyed using it on her own.  Now occasionally a word she's looking for isn't in this guide, but she is learning how to properly use a dictionary, too. 

This book also comes with the See-N-Read Reading Tool.  

This tool's clear reading window is surrounded by a non-glare transparent material, making it easier for the reader to see the words in groups rather than individually.  This helps the reader to be able to focus on that section of words.  This tool has been been tested effectively with students from grade two through college.  

See-N-Spell is available for purchase through the See-N-Read website for just 9.99.  You can read more about that offer here.  

You can read what other homeschool parents have to say about See-N-Spell here.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of See-N-Spell and the See-N-Read Reading Tool free of charge through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and See-N-Read in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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