05 February 2012

The Weekly Plan {Feb 6th}

OK {deep breath}.

I think I'm ready for this crazy week.  It's going to be a very busy one!  My mantra will be "must stick to the plan".

Besides finishing up our Presidential reports and art projects that are due this week, I have several reviews due here on the blog, too.  I'll probably be logging in more hours than I would like on the ol' computer.

-Co-op classes in the morning
-Work on reports and display boards for our Presidents Fair
-Catch up on the laundry from the weekend
-Help Mr. B clean his room
-Dinner:  Ham & Potato Au Gratin

-Maybe I'll finally get the bathrooms cleaned
-Organize the books in our library room
-Work on art projects for upcoming local event
-Dinner:  Chicken & Biscuit Pot Pie

-Get out-of-town Valentine's in the mail
-Church: teach children's class
-Dinner:  Baked potatoes in the crockpot

-Finish Presidential reports and art projects
-Help set-up for our homeschool group meeting
-Dinner: Moms Nite Out (Italian food--yum!) with my homeschool peeps 

-Monthly homeschool group meeting/President's Fair
-Clean off the desk in master bedroom
-Dinner:  Meatloaf Burgers with Quick Ketchup

-Lowe's Build & Grow kids' clinic
-Family downtime
-Dinner: {snacks & leftovers}

And that's the plan.  There will be lots more that will be crammed into this week, but these are the highlights that I really need to hit.

How about you?  Do you have to have a plan for your week?

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