11 April 2012

AIMS Fabulous Fractions: A Review

AIMS Education Foundation is a great company that produces activity books for science and math.  We recently received their Fabulous Fractions book for review.  I was looking forward to reviewing it since we really enjoyed the last book they sent us.  I was also happily surprised that I received a set of the fractional transparencies along with the book.  

Fabulous Fractions is a book of 22 different activities involving fractions for grades 3-5.  These activities help to make sense of fractions for children--and, let's face it, it can even help you as a homeschool parent make sense of fractions!  

I can remember how frustrating fractions were to me in my school days.  And even though I understand now, being able to teach them is a whole new challenge.  It's wonderful to have a resource such as this!  The activities in this book offer fun and practical application for learning fractions and understanding them.  

This great activity book comes with a cd that has lots of printables for the lessons.  The same pages are included the book as well for copying purposes, if you can't use the cd.  

We are just beginning to learn about fractions at our house, with my daughter being in 3rd grade and my son is even younger.  However, they both enjoyed the activities that we chose to do from this book.  I am looking forward to incorporating it even more as we get further into fractions with our regular math curriculum.  I know that it will be a huge help as we dig deeper into fractions.  

Fabulous Fractions is available as a soft cover book on AIMS website for just $21.95 or as a PDF download for $19.95. The fractional transparencies are available for $14.95.  

I realize that this may seem a bit pricey for an extra workbook; however, I do believe that it's a great supplemental resource for fractions, since those can require a bit of extra work and explanation, and worth the investment.  I would definitely recommend it to someone who has a child struggling with understanding fractions.


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Fabulous Fractions and a free set of fractional transparencies through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and AIMS in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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