17 April 2012

That Works For Me! {a review & a giveaway}

If you have been blogging or reading blogs for any time at all it's very likely that you've heard about a weekly meme called That Works For Me Wednesday.  It's hosted by Kristen over at We are THAT Family every week.  

Each Wednesday hundreds of bloggers link up with their amazing tips for everything-under-the-sun and how they really work for them.  Of course, with how long this blog meme has been running and how many bloggers participate, you can imagine how many tips have been shared and how overwhelming it might be to try to find one that you once saw, didn't need then, but you need it NOW, right?  

Well, Kristen and her friend Jennifer have totally solved that problem: they've published over 800 of these amazing tips in a brand-new ebook called (what else?That Works for Me!  There are 24 different categories in this book, including: beauty, cleaning, frugal, garden, homeschool, laundry, organization, recipes, travel, and much, much more!  

I am SO excited to have all of these tips all in one place...oh, the things I can now accomplish!!  There's even a little tip from me to you over in the organizing section:)

So if you've ever wondered how to ...clean your curling iron, remove funky smells from bedrooms, design your own fabric, dress up your mantle, start an emergency fund, plant grass over concrete, reuse cereal bags or many other things to make our lives simpler and better...this book is for you!  

This jammed-packed-with-amazing-stuff book is for sale for $8.00 in pdf.  However, I have a special coupon code that gives you $1 off of that.  The code is: SAVE1

NOW, here's the REALLY COOL part: I get to give away one of these awesome ebooks to one of you!!  

Just leave me a comment with a great tip that really helps you in your day-to-day life!  

This giveaway will end Tuesday, April 24th, at midnight!  

I can't wait to read all of your tips!!


Laura Lane said...

I would have said baking soda; but....

My 10 yo said...
Windex kills ants. Mustard helps with burns.

My 12 yo said... Axe spray deoderant and matches make flame throwers. He watched the 21 yo while I was completely oblivious and unable to scream NOOOOO!

My 14 yo said... Bleach or lemon juice gets rid of poison ivy.

I clean floors with vinegar and hot water.

I hope this brings a little smile this morning. Have a great week!

lane dot family at yahoo.com

Lisa said...

We have hard water & we get a film on our dishes after a few months. (we use the dishwasher....if I would wash by hand I probably wouldn't have that problem). I fill up my sink with water & about 1/2 cup of vinegar to soak my dishes to remove the hard water.

Wendy said...

I'd love to win the ebook! My tip to share is this: If you burn something in your iron skillet (or just have something that sticks to it and won't "let go"), just fill the skillet with water and a little bit of vinegar, let it come almost to a boil, and then the stuck on mess will easily scrape off with a scraper or stiff brush.

Angela W. said...

Coconut oil is my tip... you can use it for so many things. It's great for my Ethiopian cuties skin and hair. You can cook with it. I've used it to treat ring worm, yeast infection, diaper rash. It has so many great uses.