14 May 2012

Super Spoiled

(photo taken at our church)

Yep.  That's just how I felt on Mother's Day this year!  My family really spoiled me!  Handmade cards, handmade gifts, a hanging basket of petunias for our front porch, a new Scentsy warmer, a handmade plaque, flowers, meals out...the list just goes on.  I am very blessed. 

(a handmade paper bouquet from the kiddos)

(a lovely bouquet from Vince) 

(a lovely surprise from the ladies at our church!)

After we came home from a yummy lunch at a local Italian restaurant I was told by my kiddos to get into some comfy clothes, that they had a surprise for me.  And, boy, did they ever!  Out came the electric back massager, the nail polish, the hair accessories...you name it.  They proceeded to tell me it was a *spa day* and placed me in the *spa chair*.  I had The Works, folks!  

There was a back massage, a pedicure and a new 'do.  Mr. B even brought me a coloring book and crayons so that I had something to do during my spa treatment and he also provided Pop Rocks for a snack.  Oh, and let's not forget his special entertainment for me:)  

The Princess was so thoughtful to paint my toenails and re-do my hair.  It was the total package!

I don't think I've had my hair photographed in such an interesting way in many a year...heehee

I did finally get my nap after my spa treatment though and that was wonderful!  It was truly a great day and I am so thankful and blessed to be *Mama* to these little munchkins.  They are amazing and they certainly keep me on my toes!


Sarah said...

That is SO special! I love that! (And that hair is FAB! ;)


Ginger said...

You are *definatly* blessed! What a sweet family! Unfortunatly for me my husband wasn't raised to celebrate mothers day and doesn't encourage my children to do so. I always make

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thanks! :) The hair was pretty..um..original, wasn't it? LOL I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

Lora @ my blessed life said...


Thank you for your sweet comment. And a very happy {belated} Mothers Day to you!

April said...

How adorable. What great memories.