06 June 2012

Oh, That P31 Woman....

....she is really hurting my pride!  As my friend, Lisa, said, "she's even greater than I first imagined."

I am in Week 4 of the study on Proverbs 31 with Good Morning Girls and I am learning SO much!  I've read this chapter all of my life and, of course, it took on new meaning when I got married and had a home of my own, but there are so many nuggets of truth and wisdom crammed into that one chapter it is just amazing.

This week part of the focus as been on "rising early in the morning".  Oh, that can be so hard for me!  I am naturally a night owl and have a difficult time waking up early.  Then when I oversleep I'm cranky, rushing around yelling at the kids to grab some breakfast (making breakfast every morning is not one of my strengths) and just have a rough start to the day in general.

She gets up while it is still dark; 
she provides food for her family 
and portions for her servant girls.  
Proverbs 31:15

This week I have been getting up before the rest of my family (and with summer hours that hasn't been the crack of dawn, thank goodness) and my mornings have gone so much better!  I have plenty of time to read my Bible, work on my Bible study, sip my coffee, blog...all in peace and quiet.  Then I'm ready to be a blessing to my family when they wake up.

Now, it's not like I've never done that before, just not on a regular basis.  Sure, I can get up early and get started every so often, but it's never been a habit for me.  I am working to make it a habit.

There are some P31 traits that I'm a little better at than others; such as, meal planning.  That just happens to be something I enjoy doing.  But then when I look at the verse about "eager hands" I am so convicted.

She selects wool and flax 
and works with eager hands.  
Proverbs 31: 13

How often do I complain about doing the dishes, the laundry, cleaning the bathroom....I'm sure I could go on, but you get the idea.  I'm still doing those tasks, but not necessarily with "eager hands".  I am learning to serve my family with eagerness and it can be a challenge!

This P31 woman is really amazing!  I am learning a lot from her!

How do you feel about that P31 woman?  


Jenna Renee said...

Oh how I feel you on being a night owl! I have been trying to rise early this week and today was the first day I was up what I would call early! I even made the fiance breakfast before he jetted off to work! I haven't done that on a week day in forever! Visiting from GMG Wednesday link up!


Kathy said...

I'm doing the dame study and it's been both convicting and challenging! I'm always up before my kids, but most days I laze around being unproductive - I need to work on being more productive with my time. =)

Jelli said...

I feel like she's a pretty busy lady whose priorities are straight. A few years ago I made a New Year's resolution list based on a few verses from Prov. 31. It was lost before January had ended. Oops.