14 October 2012

Kinderbach {simply discover piano}: a Review

We were very excited to have the opportunity to review KinderBach again this year.  My son absolutely loves this program which makes me love it as well.

KinderBach is a wonderful online (there is also an ipad app now, too!) early music program designed to introduce children ages 3-7 to the world of music via the keyboard.  There are fun videos to watch, coloring and activity pages, plus keyboarding for each lesson.  It is a simple but effective approach with a great hostess on the videos and also fun characters to interact with during the lessons.  Because you are able to move at your own pace with the KinderBach lessons it works great with children on many levels, even special needs or adhd.  

KinderBach is a proven program aligned with the MENC National Standards for PreK.  And while these lessons primarily are for the keyboard they will translate easily to any instrument.  Using language that is easily understood by children of this age group, KinderBach teaches music vocabulary, note reading, 'do re mi' singing, listening skills, physical technique, rhythm, and musical composition.  There are so many benefits for a child when they are learning music.  It was fascinating to me to read what KinderBach has to say about the Three R's and Music.

There are seven levels in this program, each one building on the one before it.  You can read more about these levels here   These include 60 weeks of lessons, with 4 lessons for each week.  Of course, we are using the "in home" lessons, working online from our desktop computer.  However, they also offer a classroom KinderBach for teachers using it in that setting.  And like I mentioned earlier, there is also an app for iPads and iPhones now.  

My son (age 7) really does enjoy this program and I am looking forward to how much he will continue to learn through it.  He is a very active little boy and often has a hard time focusing, but this program never fails to fully capture his attention.  He gives each lesson his all and proudly plays what he has learned for anyone who will listen.  

KinderBach is available as an online membership with an annual payment of $95.88 (a 60% savings!), or as a monthly billed subscription for $19.99.  They also offer dvd's in several different packages.  Check out their free sample lessons and get started immediately!

**KinderBach is offering a special offer to the readers of Schoolhouse Review Crew blogs: with the coupon code TOS_crew2012 when checking out to receive 30% off any order through 12/31/2012.  Also the KinderBach app will be on sale this Friday, October 19th, for 50% off (making it $12.99~no code needed!).**  

And don't forget to click over to read what other homeschool parents on the Crew had to say about both the online membership and the new apps!

Disclaimer: I was given an online membership to KinderBach through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.  

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