13 November 2012

Growing Up Wild: a Review

This latest review item has been a favorite with us all!  Growing Up Wild is a series of educational dvd's that highlight the lives and experiences of the Wild brothers' life in the jungles of Indonesia.  The Wilds are missionaries there and this series shares their world with you and your children, teaching the many aspects of missionary life.  Their purpose is to introduce children to God's work happening in a foreign mission field.  These videos and their corresponding lessons were developed to compliment homeschool curriculum and even Sunday school curriculum.  

(the Wild Family)

Being a missionary's kid myself, this sort of thing is right up my alley!  I loved these just as much as my kids have.  I wasn't sure what to expect, educationally speaking, but these dvd's are very well done and the lessons are meaningful and yet on a child's level.

We received two of the five available videos, Volume 1 and Volume 4 (pretty sure the remaining three volumes will be going on our Christmas list, the kids enjoyed them so much).    

Each volume has three 15 minute "episodes" on it and comes with two discs: one with the episodes and one activity guide with lessons to go with each episode--see a sample here.  These are narrated by the mother of the Wild Family and include excellent video footage--the film work is very high quality on all of these.  The Wild family is very charming and engaging as well and they draw you into their missionary world and life in such a way that you feel right at home.  For a little video introduction to the Wilds and their dvd's click here.  

We have so enjoyed incorporating the Growing Up Wild videos with our Bible curriculum.  Each episode is full of God's Word and the corresponding activities are relevant and fun to do, stretching the thinking of your child outside of his or her own "box" and helping bring more of a biblical worldview.  My children have learned much about another culture and often will mention things they have learned from these videos (such as how solar power works).  These videos also work great with a geography study.  I highly recommend them!

The Growing Up Wild dvd sets are available on their website for $18.99 each or in a bundle of 5 for $80.99 (a 15% savings!).  

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Disclaimer: I received two of the Growing Up Wild dvd's through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.

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