28 February 2013

*The Reunion*: a Book Review

This week my family wrapped up our latest read-aloud.  We have been reading The Reunion, a novel by Rachael McIntire.  When I was first approached about reviewing this book I thought it would be one that I would read on my own.  However, when I received it I realized it would be a wonderful book for the whole family.

This novel is not too long, being only 127 pages, and is a story of redemption and God's grace.  The story follows the lives of two babies adopted just after birth into two very different families.  It lets us be a part of  their lives through their teen years showing how God's love and grace was working in them even when they didn't realize it.

This book has a beautiful Christian theme throughout it and presents the Gospel in a very simple way, easy enough for a young child to understand.  In fact, this book is written perfectly for middle school age readers.  The reading level is just right for that and so is the content.

My daughter, age 9, was completely enthralled with the story and my son, age 7, was also very interested.  They looked forward to our reading time each night.  When the story was finally over, my daughter asked if she could keep the book in her room so she could have it handy to read again--you know it's good when they are ready to re-read it as soon as it's over.  She's also hoping for a sequel so she can continue to know what happens in the lives of the girls in this story!

This book was written by Rachael McIntire for her own {homeschooled} children to give them something wholesome and entertaining to read and also to reinforce biblical principles in their lives.  While this story was written in the 80's it is still relevant today because of the eternal themes of Christ's love and grace.

If you are looking for more books for your children that are pure, innocent, and reinforce the principles you are teaching them, I would highly recommend this book to you.  I know I will be looking forward to more books from this author and publisher.

The Reunion is available only at the Elisha Press website in a softcover edition for $9.99 (shipping in the US is even free!).  However, I am excited to offer you, my readers, a special discount code!  If you use the code REVIEW-LORA by the end of April you will receive $2 OFF!  If you order after the end of April you will still receive a discount of $1.

Also, Elisha Press offers The Reunion {free} for your Kindle, Nook, or ePub!!  Just register on their site and download this little treasure.  If you aren't sure how to transfer eBooks from your hard drive to your e-reader manually, you can also get the Kindle version uploaded directly to your e-reader through Amazon for just .99.  

So head over to check out The Reunion and while you're there see what else Elisha Press has coming soon! You can also follow their blog here.

Disclaimer: I was given a softcover edition of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.  

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

ooh i haven't heard of this one!

i just started family driven faith by voddie baucham and it is very thought provoking!