01 October 2013

Women Living Well

This past month I was so excited to be chosen to be a part of the launch team for the new book by Courtney Joseph, Women Living Well.  You may be familiar with Courtney's blog of the same name.  She is a true source of inspiration and a voice to return to biblical principles in our modern world.  

Women Living Well is one of the most inspiring, convicting, encouraging, and challenging books that I've read in quite a while.  I am very happy to share with you about it and recommend it to you.

The subtitle of Courtney's book, 'Finding Your Joy in God, Your man, Your Kids, and Your Home', gives a peek into the topics addressed in this book.  Women Living Well is divided into four parts: 1.) your walk with the King, 2.) your marriage, 3.) your parenting, and 4.) your homemaking.

"Mothering is an intense, around-the-clock job, and solitude is not something that just happens by chance.  We have to create it.  ...It is in time of solitude that God refuels us and we can her His voice.  In our restful times we can find order in the midst of the chaos and connect with our Creator."  
~Courtney Joseph
Chapter 1: I Want the Spay But I Need Solitude With God

The first part of the book is perhaps one of the most convicting for me.  Talking about 'your walk with the King' addresses many areas: our need for solitude with God, carving out time for a 'quiet time', keeping our hearts "thirsty" for God and His Word, battling the competing effects of media in our lives, and how we need both mentors and those that we are mentoring in our lives.

Making time each day for some solitude with God has always been a challenge for me.  There are just so many other things competing for my attention: kiddos, housework, cooking, cleaning, errands, social media ....the list never stops, does it?  But when I do take the time to pause, first thing in the day, there is always such a difference in my day.  It doesn't mean that everything is going to go perfectly, but it does mean that I've had a heart check and an attitude check before it all hits the fan.

Courtney shares some wonderful, practical advice on carving out time in your day to spend with God.  She makes some wonderful points on keeping the social media monster at bay in our lives, and particularly encourages us as women to connect with other women along this journey.  It's incredibly important to have a support group (or even a support person) on this journey called life and having someone like-minded in faith is even more important.

The first section of this book is only the beginning of many nuggets of wisdom and principles from God's Word that Courtney reminds us of and shares with us.  Each week this month I will share more about another section of this book.  And I hope that you will be encouraged to grab a copy for yourself and the women in your lives.  I believe if more women followed such godly wisdom our families, nation, and our world would be an incredibly better place.

Women have bought into so many lies and they are destroying our culture from within.  A return to what God desires for us brings so much freedom and joy and fulfillment.

You can find out more about purchasing your copy of Women Living Well here.

You can read what other women have to say about this book on The Women Living Well Blog Tour.

I leave you with this video:

Disclaimer: I received this book at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.

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