19 March 2014

*No More Perfect Kids*: a must read for moms & dads everywhere!

You may remember last year that I shared with you about the wonderful book No More Perfect Moms, by Jill Savage.  I'm really excited to share with you about the follow up book to that: No More Perfect Kids.  

This amazing book by Jill Savage and Kathy Koch is written to not just moms, but to dads as well and is one of the most encouraging parenting books that I've read in a very long time.  And some parental encouragement is just what I need these days.  

The theme of this book is "it's about progress not perfection".  And I really needed to hear that. 

I struggle very much with what Jill describes as "the perfection infection".  It's a family trait so I come by it honestly and it was the way I was raised.  But it's so harmful.  I very much want to break that cycle.

Many times when I lay my head on my pillow at night I am so filled with shame at words I've said to my children in anger or frustration that day.  Going to bed feeling like a complete failure as parent is not an unknown feeling for me.  I am constantly striving to be a better parent.  

Which is why this book has been such a blessing to me.  Just like No More Perfect Moms helped me emerge from the bondage of always trying to be the perfect mom, No More Perfect Kids has helped me to see my children in a whole new light.  To see how my own expectations of them can be so wrong ...and so hurtful.    

Chapter Two of this book may be the one that has spoken to me more than any other--although I admit it's hard to choose just one.  This chapter deals with perfection-vs-excellence.  Perfection is something that has plagued me from birth, I guess.  I expect it of myself and others far too often.  And, as we all know, it's just not possible.  

Jill and Kathy share a wonderful, eye-opening list of the differences in perfection and excellence.  Just a few examples from this list are: 
  • Excellence is something done well.  Perfection is something done without fault.
  • Excellence is satisfying.  Perfection is never satisfied.  
  • Excellence is motivated by confidence.  Perfection is motivated by fear. 

There are nine more very convicting (to me, at least) statements in this list.  I could relate to all of the perfection ones.  This is definitely an area I need to grow in undoubtedly.  

Actually, each chapter in this book has challenged me in many ways.  You can view a sample chapter here.

Another favorite thing in this book is the special resource section in the back!  There are suggested chore lists, a book study leader's guide, ways to help your children develop good character, and lots more!  

Now, here's some great news: from now until March 23rd when you purchase this book (eBook or hard copy!) you'll be eligible to receive over $100 worth of bonus parenting resources!!

Disclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.  


Caroline said...

What a great post! I think about how I said things to my kids at the end of the day too!:)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Sounds really good! Thanks for letting me know about it!:) Lori

Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

This looks like a real blessing and eye opener. Thank you for sharing!