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13 May 2013

One Thousand Gifts {mothers day edition}

0626.  handmade cards

0627.  hugs than nearly squeeze the breath out of me

0628.  sloppy, wet kiddo kisses on my face

0629.  early morning snuggles

0630.  laughing with my sister; realizing our laugh sounds identical; laughing harder

0631.  "breaking bread" with my whole family (there's something special about eating with someone)

0632.  celebrating Mothers Day with my own sweet mama~so blessed to have her close by

0633.  flowers and chocolates

0635.  being "spoiled" by awesome hubby

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06 May 2013

One Thousand Gifts

During these oh-so-extra-busy weeks that life is throwing me right now I want to pause and take the time to remember the many gifts I've been given.  I don't want to take them for granted or forget about them.  So again I count my gifts...

611.  the random tender hug from my son

612.  my sweet daughter saying "I love you, Mom" out of the blue on a crazy day

613.  having my family close by to help invest in the lives of my children

614.  an impromptu lunch with friends

615.  hazelnut creamer in my coffee

616.  a lazy, rainy morning

617.  watching my kiddos develop their own ideas for their own science projects and succeed

618.  my God, who is infinitely patient with me

619.  having so many good books waiting to be read

620.  looking forward to the gift of summer, right around the corner

621.  the privilege of teaching little ones about the Word of God

622.  unexpected blessings from unexpected places

623.  the blessing of homeschooling ...even on the hard days

624.  the joy of making a difference in our community

625.  being married to my very best friend

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18 February 2013

One Thousand Gifts

Counting my gifts even in the mid-winter...

601.  memories of Springs past

602.  the anticipation of Spring to come

603.  the pleasure of a visit from a far-away friend

604.  taking an unexpected day off from the regular routine

605.  the fun of a night out with my hubby

606.  a big, fat red-breasted robin right outside my front door

607.  trying out a new recipe~and the whole family loves it:)

608.  an unexpected encouraging message from an unexpected person

609.  those first daffodils of Spring popping up all over

610.  Belgian hazelnut seashell truffles~pure bliss!

06 January 2013

One Thousand Gifts {a fresh start}

I am so ashamed of myself.  I have no excuse.

I haven't stopped to count the many gifts in my life since ....August.  Yep, that was five months ago.

Rather than condemning myself though I'm giving myself some grace and starting again.  It's a New Year, right?  I love fresh starts!

The gifts never stop.

0591.  snow flurries~we haven't seen a lot, but I love, love, love the ones we have seen

0592.  having my parents and sister living close by~even when we get on each other's nerves there is a bond there that cannot be compared

0593.  having a real date night with my husband, stuffing ourselves at the Olive Garden and laughing so hard together at a movie about parenting~can't be beat!

0594.  hanging up a brand new {Susan Branch} calendar for the brand new year~pure joy!

0595.  whispers in my ear from my son about the special gift he wants to buy his sister for her birthday~precious

0596.  new goals for the new year~new beginnings

0597.  having a full tank of gas in my car

0598.  the freedom and ability to homeschool my kiddos, knowing I'm going what God has called me to do

0599.  receiving a beautiful handwritten letter in my mailbox from a far-away friend

0600.  God's mercies that are new, fresh, replenished ...every single morning!

Do you keep count of the many gifts in your life?  Join me in counting *One Thousand Gifts* with Ann at A Holy Experience.

13 August 2012

One Thousand Gifts: So Blessed

0581.  staying up extra late with the kiddos to watch for meteors

0582.  teaching my children how to be a *good sport* even when they're totally losing the game

0583.  an unexpected hug from an unexpected person

0584.  summer thunder storms

0585.  discovering Cinnabon creamer for my coffee

0586.  being told that *you were missed*

0587.  being able to bless those who weren't expecting it

0588.  quiet time alone first thing in the morning

0589.  finding *surprise* pumpkins growing in our yard

0590.  family sing-a-longs in the car

06 August 2012

One Thousand Gifts

0571.  listening to my kiddos giggle as they tell each other their funny dreams from the night

0572.  celebrating the life of a loved one, knowing you'll get to see them again one day

0573.  the joy of seeing far away family and friends

0574.  the smell of rain on a summer day

0575.  coming home after a long trip

0576.  a delicious {surprise} dinner made for me by my husband

0577.  the sweet "welcome home" kisses from our dog

0578.  walking barefoot through thick green grass

0579.  laughing with your sister

0580.  a visit to our favorite bakery

23 July 2012

One Thousand Gifts

So many gifts each and every day...

0561.  fun family time on a road trip

0562.  listening to my son humming while he plays

0563.  a cool, refreshing dip in a pool on a hot summer day

0564.  my favorite pillow

0565.  late night conversations with my love

0566.  knowing that I'm right where God wants me even if it's a tough place to be sometimes

0567.  having fun with friends

0568.  discovering more truths in God's Word when I dig deeper

0569.  frozen coffee

0570.  fresh okra, fried up Southern-style

09 July 2012

One Thousand Gifts: Still Counting

While I haven't stopped counting, it's been a while since I posted some of my gifts on here.  It's good to share gifts--it reminds me even more to be grateful.

0551.  sticky little-kid chins, stained pink from watermelon

0552.  the clickity-clack of a ceiling fan

0553.  the joy on my child's face when she receives a handwritten letter from a far-away beloved friend

0554.  the satisfaction of crossing off things on my to-do list

0555.  the coolness of a pool on a hot summer afternoon

0556.  watching my kiddos play in harmony (even if it's only for a few minutes at a time)

0557.  receiving a blessing from an unexpected source

0558.  lovely fresh veggies from our neighbor's garden

0559.  scrubbing out that ring of dirt from the kiddos' bathtub and knowing just how much fun they had getting dirty

0560.  falling asleep reading a good book

09 April 2012

One Thousand Gifts

0536. the calm after a storm

0537. the smell of freshly-cut grass

0538. writing out lesson helps on an old-fashioned chalkboard

0539. creating art with my children

0540. fresh spring air coming in an open window

0541. forgiveness

0542. home cooking after too much fast food

0543. little kiddo giggles

0544. bubble baths

0545. girls' nights out

0546. the feeling of satisfaction after cleaning my house

0547. singing

0548. singing with my sister

0549. new magazines in the mailbox

0550. grace

07 February 2012

One Thousand Gifts

Some days it's imperative to count these precious gifts lest I get caught up in the mundane and routine of household drudgery and the breaking up sibling fights.  

So I stop.  And I remind myself.

0526.  butterfly kisses from those long little boy lashes

0527.  giving my sweet girl her *nightly* back scratch to help her get sleepy

0528.  spooning

0529.  a surprise gift from a new friend

0530.  listening to my children as they quote Scripture they've learned

0531.  soft candlelight when the power goes out

0532.  reading bedtime stories by flashlight

0533.  an encouraging word from a far-away friend

0534.  the success of a new recipe

0535.  an answered prayer

31 January 2012

One Thousand Gifts {winter days}

0511.  a yummy weekend breakfast eaten at leisure

0512.  a weekend morning spent with my family at a kids' craft clinic

0513.  watching the extreme concentration on my kiddos' faces as they worked hard on their task

0514.  watching father and son, one teaching, the other learning

0514.  sharing with them the joy of accomplishing their craft

0515.  listening to the talk the rest of the day about that fun of that simple experience

0516.  the surprise gift of a warm-enough-to-go-to-the-park-day in January

0517.  our puppy's first park outing

0518.  the fun of trying to walk a wiggly, over-excited puppy on a path

0519.  unexpected puppy kisses:)

0520.  my sweet girl and her beloved puppy

0521.  the blessing of a faithful husband and a loving father to our children

0522.  sunshine after days of rain

0523.  the joy of time spent with kindred spirits

0524.  the blessing of such a beautiful world to live in

0525.  a day ending with a good sense of productivity and accomplishment

09 January 2012

One Thousand Gifts: Still Counting

With this New Year, the gifts just keep on coming.  

I don't mean Christmas gifts, but instead those sweet precious daily gifts that God gives continually.  The things that we often just forget about or take for granted.

I'm so thankful for these things! 

0499.  a fresh new year, full of possibilities  

0500.  homemade bread

0501.  snow flurries

0502.  puppy love

0503.  the satisfied feeling of a productive day

0504.  the sweet bond between a boy and his dog

0505.  watching the excitement of my kiddos over the success of a science project

0506.  the absolute sweetness of tucking my kiddos in at night

0507.  my very favorite chocolate

0508.  packages from the mailman

0509.  black raspberry & chocolate chip ice cream

0510.  a day gone better than you could have hoped

27 November 2011

One Thousand Gifts: Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving week was so wonderful and I have so many blessings in my life. Still counting them...

0481. sisters...'nuff said

0482. hang time with his Papi

0483. hang time with cousins

0484. silly boy cousins

0485. reading with Papi

0486. visiting grandparents

0487. those cheesy family photos...that we always love to look at later

0488. a Thanksgiving day walk with my sweet daughter

0489. the most amazing pumpkin pie ever

0490. sharing a meal with family and friends

0491. an wonderfully blessed meal

0492. teaching my daughter tricks in the kitchen

0493. a hubby who loves my cooking

0494. surrounded by simple beauty

0495. did I already mention my amazing husband? I love him so much!

0496. and I love my adorable (onery, silly, sweet....) kiddos, too

0497. preparing those memorable family meals with my mom and sister

0498. playdates with *old* friends