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22 March 2012

My *New* Upcycled Bed & Our Bedroom

I have been meaning to show you this room for months now...and it just hasn't happened.  Every time I thought to take pictures some part of the room would be a mess, you know?  But this week I finally got pictures!

First of all we have to start with these gorgeous old doors:

When we moved at the end of last summer we had sold our four-poster bed beforehand, wanting to buy something different that wasn't so difficult to maneuver around ceiling fans.  After shopping around and not finding anything that 1.)was in our budget or 2.) wasn't backordered for months, I told Vince I wanted to do something totally different.  I wanted to upcycle something old for a headboard.  He wasn't so sure when I started rambling about things like old doors or wrought iron gates, but the next week he was driving by our favorite *junk* store and saw this pair of doors.  We snatched them right up!
Look at these beautiful door knobs on them!  And the pretty!
Now let's go inside to the master bedroom.  The previous homeowners had painted it a very dark putty-sort of color.  It really shrunk the room.

We repainted it a much lighter color, a shade of taupe (can't remember the exact name right now).  It really opened up and brightened up the room!  Vince mounted the doors onto the wall and we picked up a bed frame at the same junk store.  Voila!  A brand new (and unique) bed for only $45!!

The doors went perfectly with my antique marble-topped nightstands, too.  And I dressed them up a bit with an egg wreath that I already  had.  

If you look at the doors head-on, one door is slightly lower than the other.  When Vince hinged them together, matching them on the panels and at the bottom we realized that one must have been shaved down a bit to fit a previous doorway.  I like it, it gives them more character!

Around the room...

This is a small antique bookcase that holds my collection of Grace Livingston Hill and Emilie Loring books.  

Pictures from our wedding day hang above the bookcase.

These are two of my favorite things: vintage drawings of Paris in the original frames with bubble glass.

I'm loving my new full-length mirror!  It stands on the floor and leans on the wall.  (See the little natural wood  chest of drawers beside it?  That's getting a makeover this spring!).

And yesterday I finally got my desk cleaned off!  SO happy about that!  I don't use this desk a lot, but it's where I keep my stationery and I love to sit here and write letters....when I get the chance.

And that's our master bedroom.  I'm loving it, it's such a peaceful room.  So much better than the dark dungeon it was before.  

Thanks for dropping by!