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The Charm of Straw Hats

I have this small, accidental collection of straw hats. I love them! Each one has special memory associated with it. For the past few years most of them have been stored away, but this Spring I thought I would get them all out so that I can enjoy looking at them. And they're handy so that I can grab one on the way out the door on a sunny day!

Going clockwise from the top right:

The one on the top right was purchased at a charming little Victorian shop where I worked for a few years. It's part of a collection of Mary Engelbreit hats that were produced. I love the fruit!

The one below is from Jamaica, purchased at an outdoor market. It's handmade, excellent craftsmanship. I've had it about 20 years now.

At the bottom left is one that I picked up on a very sunny day in Annapolis, Maryland. It's gotten the most use~I love it!

The middle one on the left is from Hawaii. I bought it on my first trip there in 1993 and, yes, I carried it all the way home on my lap in the plane.

On the top left is one given to me by a sweet friend. I love the wide brim on it~so cute!

I never really planned to have a *collection* of hats and who knows if I'll ever have anymore, but I love these and enjoy wearing them occasionally.

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Anonymous said…
What a cute way to display all your fun hats!!

Have you in the hat for my giveaway! thanks for coming by!

bee blessed
Kayren said…
What a perfect time to get them out and put them on display. I don't wear hats because I don't have a hat head. They look absolutely horrible on me! Plus I have a large crown and it's hard to find one to fit. All the fluffy hair on top of that doesn't help either! :)

I got the worm info and I'm so sorry I haven't replied back. I've been struggling with a horrible allergy related cough. I actually caused so much irritation that I must have created blisters down either my throat or windpipe one. I won't even tell you the gross happenings that made that realization possible. It's been everything just to keep my posting up, school with the kids has been a chore to do without talking get the picture. I've been through hundreds of cough drops.

We won't be gardening, but I'm wondering if the worms would be good in a mulched flower bed (would they find their way down?) or in a flower pot.
Your hats are great! My husband and I went to Hawaii and he brought home a hat I love from Banana Republic, when it used to be travely. I also have some of my great-grandfathers hats. Funny how they multiply.
Cute display! I have just one straw Mom purchased it at the Polynesian Hotel at DisneyWorld!

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