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What's For Dinner {Sept 28th}

Happy Monday, y'all!

You know what that means for me planning for the week!

And, yes, even though I've been terribly lax in posting my meal plans lately, I have actually still been making them.  My weeks just go so much better when I have a plan:)

And since we've started school again I've come to the conclusion that I must use my slow cooker on Tuesdays (piano lesson day) and Fridays (co-op day) right now ...or my family will forever be doomed to some horrible fast food on those evenings.  I'm just usually too tired/busy/all of the above to make my plan happen on those nights if I wait too long.

So... slow cooker to the rescue!

Here's what's on the plan for our dinners this week:

Monday: (a sort of clean-out-the-fridge-of-leftovers night) pinto beans, corn, green beans w/new potatoes ...and if that doesn't look like it'll be enough ...sauerkraut and wieners.

Tuesday: (slow cooker) honey-garlic chicken sandwiches w/fried potatoes