17 June 2010

Thoughts in My Head

I know I haven't been the best blogger lately. Going on too many trips, swamped with all the packing and unpacking. Desperately trying to keep the house kept up. And there's been a lot on my mind.

Some of you may remember that we moved back to Arkansas just a year ago this month. This is the first house that we have lived in that we haven't owned. Other than renting an apartment for the first two years of our marriage, we have always owned our houses. So this year has definitely felt different. It has been good though, the house has worked well for us and our landlord has been wonderful. We had been hoping to be able to lease for one more year, but now that's not looking so promising. Our landlord has decided to sell this house as soon as he can and although we have the option to buy that's not what we want to do~or can do~right now.

The past two years have been such mixture of experiences, emotions, challenges... Through it all God has been utterly and completely faithful. Even when I felt discouraged and unfaithful. I can't even imagine walking through the valley~or mountaintops~of life without Him. This recent phase of our lives began very unexpectedly and has definitely continued longer than we ever thought. But we keep reminding ourselves that everything is not in our time, but in God's time.

For the past two years we have been self-employed. That really has its ups and downs! The ups include having Vince work from a home office and readily available to be with the family, having a flexible schedule and being your own *boss*. The downs are more along the lines of not knowing where your next paycheck will come from nor when it will come. It has been a true walk of faith for us. While I have been taught about and believed in *walking by faith* my entire life, it is a whole different ballgame when you're really living it!

So right now, with this new sign in our front yard, we are earnestly seeking God's will for the next step in our life journey. We have the liberty to continue renting this house until it sells~in fact, the owner would much prefer it that way and we are happy to oblige. I'm certainly not chomping at the bit to start packing boxes {again}. But I would also love to move to a home that we will be in for a long, long time. And if that door were to open, I would gladly start packing! I'm just not excited to move just to be moving to another temporary home.

So there you have it: the stuff swirling around in my head.


Valerie said...

Oh, Lora. After reading this post - and catching up on the original reason for the post - I really, really feel burdened for you.

My family and I (even though I still live at home) went through something similar back in 1999. Dad resigned the pastorate we'd enjoyed for 14 years and began a full-time position at the A/G PennDel District Office. We were detached from our church family and adapting to our new "roles" in a new church. While the actual "move" happened in 2002 (long story), we have never felt settled or truly at "home."

It's strange when you've been in pastoral ministry your whole life and suddenly you're not. It's a whole new ball of wax - at least for us.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of and praying for you, Vince and your lovely kids. I pray your transition is smooth and that unmistakable doors are opened! Remember, He's already prepared a heavenly place for us, so our home(s) down here are only temporary. :)

God is able and He is faithful. He's AWESOME.


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Although not for the same job situations, I can understand the feelings about housing and moving. It gets old fast.

I re-sent the email. Hopefully it came through yesterday.

Lora said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement and your prayers! I do appreciate them so much.

Lora said...


Yes! I got it~I'm sorry I was slow to respond, but I just sent you an email back:)

Michelle M. said...

I hope that this process will lead you to an even better home and that it won't feel rushed. Moving is never fun, even when you are really looking forward to your new home. We still own our former home, and it has been really stressful. We are hoping to have it rented (by my in-laws) or sold in the next few months. Moving/Buying/Selling is always rough. I hope it goes smoothly for you!

Bonnie Joy Kelley said...

Ah girlfriend...I have been there so many times...and now again. We are selling our dream home that I built in Ohio...AND selling the condo we are living in here in Florida. nothing like having everything up in the air. THAT will create FAITH for sure!
So I will pray for you...and you for me, knowing GOD has a vested interest in our future home...and will lead us each step of the way there.
I LOVE your BLOG btw! I learn so much from you!!
Thank you. BLESS YOU, and love you friend!
Bonnie K

Lora said...

I'm so sorry that your *old* home hasn't sold yet. I can't imagine the stress that goes along with that. I hope it's resolved very soon!

Lora said...

Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement! It means a lot!
Love you, too!