25 August 2010

Afternoon *Tea*

This past week The Princess has been immersed once again in one of her favorite books, A Princess Primer. You can see how she gets her nickname.

There is a recipe in the book for *Princess's Favorite Fizzy Punch*. It involves pink lemonade and ginger ale and my sweet hubby thought it would be fun to surprise The Princess by making it for her and having a family tea. Isn't that so sweet?!

We all enjoyed our fizzy punch along with some strawberry tea cakes (a la, Little Debbie). Delish!

I'm thinking regular afternoon tea time should be implemented at our house! Although when school starts I'm going to require the sort of tea that has caffeine (Earl Gray, anyone?).


Carrie said...

Hey! Are you familiar with Sally Clarkson?! She has afternoon tea in her homeschool ... I love her heart and her books!! ;)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Yes, I love Sally & her books!

Beth said...

Regular afternoon tea is a great idea. It's kind of sad it went out of fashion. Of course, everyone's fashion is not another's. I hope you do take up this tradition, to have that time with your kids, especially with those yummy looking "tea cakes." Little Debbies are so great!