07 January 2011

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Our First Science Fair

So this week was our first week of school since our Christmas break. I have to say it was kind of hard to get back into our routine. I think we've been letting the kids stay up too late over the holidays and it was hard to get back to our bedtime schedule. Their attitudes about getting back to their schoolwork were actually good though, so that was a blessing.

However, our homeschool group was hosting a science fair on Thursday and I had registered the kids. We'd never done a school *fair* before (well, I hadn't since my 5th grade year:), but I thought it would be good to *get our feet wet* and participate. I chose for the kids to do reports rather than experiments to keep it simple for us and I made them chose a topic from what we've already been studying this past fall in our science curricula. It worked out well.

Theoretically it was a great idea to plan a science fair for the first week of January~all that time to work on it over Christmas break. Realistically, it wasn't such a great plan~all that time to procrastinate over Christmas break. haha

So, of course, we spent the majority of time this week finishing up their reports and display boards for the science fair. We simply kept up with our grammar and math and put the rest on hold until after the fair.

The fair turned out to be a lot of fun! The kiddos were so excited! They weren't really sure what to expect from the judges (and I wasn't either), but after they got going with their presentation they did very well. I was super proud of them!

The Princess came away with a 3rd place ribbon.

And Mr. B received an honorable mention:)

Awesome jobs for their very first science fair! And now we can get back to our routine...sort of.


TheRockerMom said...

What a wonderful experience (even if it WAS a lot of work this past week)! Those presentation boards look great!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thank you!!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

GREAT Science Fair projects! I'd give them a blue ribbon!


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

How cool!! I dread signing mine up for anything like that. They would freak out with the stress. :)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Our Side of the Mtn~
Thank you, that's so sweet!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

They did pretty well, just froze a bit on the presentation until they warmed up:) We're going to try the history fair next!

Carrie Thompson said...

awesome.. I love science fairs! WHen I decided to home school I was like "AHHH my kids wont get to be in a science fair" Well we have one once a year with our home school group! So much fun!

Jenny said...

It has been hard for us to get back into the routine, too! They look so cute in their science fair pictures. We haven't done a science fair, either, but my 5 year old has been requesting "more science lately."

Sarah said...

Great projects. I'm sure it was such a good experience for them.