09 May 2011

An Adirondack-Redo...Chairs, That Is

I have this thing about Adirondack chairs. I think it goes back to my long-time love affair with Victoria magazine. There always seem to be beautiful photos involving Adirondack chairs in that magazine!

And quite a few years ago (probably well over 10) I finally got a pair for a steal at Tuesday Morning (another fave *bargain* store!). They were beautifully stained and oh-so-nice and I loved them.

Then they began to weather and for a while that was okay. But then they really got weathered and faded~which is not-so-okay. We thought about painting them, but we only got as far as priming one of them with white while the other one sat looking sad.

See how sad:
On our every move, Vince was always asking me nicely if I was ready to let those chairs go. Poor guy was sick of hauling them around, I'm sure:) But I just couldn't let them go.

This year I was determined that they should have color! I thought a pretty green would be just lovely. And my sweet hubby went and bought the just the right paint and got right to work on them before I even realized he was doing it. He's the best!

And just look at that beautiful green!!

The *other* chair was still feeling sad and ugly though.

But this time we actually did the pair~and don't they look happy together?!

I just LOVE them~they make sitting in the yard even more enjoyable!


Ellen said...

Lora, your chairs are gorgeous! I have a thing for Adirondack chairs, too. We own four at the lake, and they are each painted a different color. They are due for a repainting this summer, though, and I have my eye on that green of yours... Perhaps a lemon yellow, sky blue, and periwinkle, too.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thank you, Ellen! I love your idea of having them all different colors~that would be so pretty! Have fun re-painting yours this summer:)