19 August 2011

Coming Off of Vacation

(in Put-in-Bay, OH)

I feel as though I dropped of the face of the virtual world this past week. Well, really this whole month so far. This past week though I have not had time to blog at all, even though the thoughts are swirling around in my head. If you follow my tweets (and you should, right? just kidding;) then you may have been keeping up with our comings and goings.

We have been on family vacation! Whoo hoo!

And it's really been a lot of fun. We really haven't been on a true vacation in about three years and this was the first one we've been on that's just been the four of us (no extended family). And while we do love our extended family and enjoy traveling with them, it has been fun with *just us* this time around.

We started off last weekend by driving to Tennessee where Vince spoke in the Sunday morning service at a church there. Then after lunch with our pastor friends there, we changed into traveling clothes and took off!

Since then we've spent nights in Louisville, KY, Sandusky, OH and Chicago, IL. We've stayed in a total of 4 hotel rooms and 1 cabin. And we've eaten in all kinds of places and seen all kinds of sights.

It's been a great trip!

Tonight I am blogging from Chicago as we get ready to head home in the morning. (And I must say that after spending what felt like half of our time here sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I am ready to head back to my small town! I do love the big city, but the traffic is for the birds.)

I'm looking forward to getting back to our new home and preparing for our first Sunday~and life!~ as pastors, finish unpacking boxes, painting rooms, organizing my kitchen, getting my lesson plans done for homeschool...the list goes on and on.

But I just wanted to drop in and say *hi* to you all, my blogland friends. I have missed you:) We should have internet up and running when we get back home (yea!!) and I will be back in my groove!

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Jennifer said...

Almost any vacation we take includes extended family. It makes it that much more special when it is just us. Hope you enjoy your new home. :)