08 August 2012

Door Hanger Chore Charts

My kids have had a chore chart for a while.  It's one of those magnetic boards and they share it.  However, it's not by their rooms and often they (and I) forget to update it.  Plus it's a little bulky.  

When I saw the concept of a door hanger chore chart on Pinterest, I loved it!  It was compact, right there were the kiddos could see it coming out and going into their rooms, and it costs almost nothing to make.  

I headed over to one of my favorite stores: Hobby Lobby, of course.  They  have these little wooden door hangers for .79.  I also grabbed a couple of packets of decorative buttons for $1.99 each.  I already had the clothes pins and the paint so those cost me nothing.  

I began by painting the door hangers (I used tempera paints because that's what I had).  Then I grabbed a fine point Sharpie and the clothes pins and started writing chores on them, making sure to write them correctly so they will clip on the right direction.  

The left side of the door hanger says "to do" and the right side says "done".  Each day (or the night before) clip on the clothes pins with the chores for that day (clean room, set table, sort laundry, take care of the dog, etc.).  Then when your child does that particular chore they move the clothes pin from the "to do" side to the "done" side, flipping it when they do.  On the flip side the clothes pin has nothing written on it, but there is the cute button glued onto the end.  I simply used hot glue for this.  Easy peasy!

Note: you will need to use buttons that are flat on the back or else convince your husband to use his heavy-duty pliers to clip off the little button-thingys on the back.

So far these have worked out better than any other chore system that I've tried.  I just bought a couple more packs of cute buttons so that I can make more clips:)  The school year and upcoming season brings different chores, right? :)  


Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

That is such a creative and useful idea. We stopped our old chore chart routine. This might work!

Erika said...

Fantastic idea! I've been meaning to be more consistent in making my children help with household chores. I bet I can trick them into thinking it'll be fun if I let them paint their own hangers. Ha! ;)

Kym Thorpe said...

What a cool idea!! Wish I'd thought of something like that when my kids were young, although I bet I could still do something along this line with my daughter.

Mary said...

What a wonderful idea!! I know a homeschool mom who I think does something similar to this. They are cute!

Brandi said...

This is a great idea! Such a clever way to keep my kids on task.

Emily Guy Birken said...

I love this project! My son is still a little young for it--he's not quite 2--but I'm thinking about making one for myself. It'll be much more fun than writing a to do list!

Jodi Durr said...

This is so great. I included this idea in my collection of 10 great chore charts with a link back. I know my readers will love it. http://www.meaningfulmama.com/2013/06/teaching-responsibility-and-10-great-chore-charts.html

Danielle Poenisch said...

I love this tutorial! We used this as our craft when my Daisy girl scouts earned their Mari the Marigold, responsible for what I say and do petal. I included it, with credits, in my blog piece detailing how we earned that patch! Thanks so much!

Check it out here: http://allthingsgirlscouts.blogspot.com/2016/03/mari-responsible-for-what-i-say-and-do.html