11 December 2012

Come and Dine: A Tribute to Women in Ministry

Last year some friends of mine contacted me to say they were putting together a cookbook full of recipes from women in the ministry and asked if I would like to contribute.  Me & recipes??  Of course I jumped right on that and sent them two of our family faves!  

I've been looking forward to this completed project ever since and it has just come out!  Right in time for Christmas!  It is very nicely done with beautiful, glossy pages.  Each layout features a bio of the woman in ministry who submitted the recipes and then her recipes on the facing page.  The sepia-toned photos through out give it a beautiful, vintage look.  

Come and Dine: A Tribute to Women in Ministry Cookbook is 150 pages and includes over 130 dessert recipes and over 200 photos.  Personally, I can't wait to try out some of the yummy dessert recipes offered here!  

If you're interested in ordering a copy, see the website.  Each book is $15+ shipping.  If you order more than 2 the shipping costs decrease.  

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