31 January 2008

Mama's pancakes

My mama (and, yes, in the South we grown women still call our mothers this) has the best recipe for pancake or waffle batter. She made them all the time when I was growing up and now I make them for my family.

Today I made them in heart shapes. And they were quickly gobbled up! My little princess is all about everything Valentine's right now.

Mama's pancake batter:

1 egg
3 Tbls. oil
1 Tbls. vanilla
1 cup Bisquick
3/4 cup milk
Combine the first three ingredients, then add the last two. Now you're ready to either fry it up in a pan or cook in a waffle maker. And don't forget to add lots of butter and syrup! Enjoy!


Kari said...

I can't make this when I'm home alone anymore. I eat the whole thing. Yeah, it's bad.

Chantico said...

I'm entirely in tune with your Princess-this is my favorite time of the year after Christmas and Easter!

I need to give you this phenomenal recipe for the lightest waffles EVER from Country Living. Oh, my.

Kari said...

Oh, I also just wanted to state for the record that I don't call my mother "Mama." =) I'm really not sure why you call her that and I don't, though.

Jasmine31 said...

That is adorable!