10 January 2008

Ramblings on pregnancy and travel

It has been a whirlwind week around here. And I think I'm still somewhat walking in a daze about the pregnancy. Don't get the wrong impression though, we are very happy about it. We always talked about wanting more than two children and now we are blessed with our hearts' desire.
I'm starting to look at things differently now though, thinking what it will be like with three little ones instead of two. Remember when you only had one child and just going to Wal-Mart was a major event? Then along came #2 and you wondered how you would ever get out the door! Well, some days it still takes forever to get out the door, but going most places with two kiddos is pretty easy for me now. (Only because I'm used to it!) Now I'll be taking my bravery to a whole new level with three. For example: this past Monday we had to make a quick trip to Arkansas for a meeting. We left our house at 5am to catch a 7am flight, arriving at our final destination around 1pm--not too bad. And the kids did amazingly well; very good travellers, they are! It was the trip home that nearly did me in though. We needed to be home for my husband to be in the office Wednesday morning, so he insisted that we fly home Tuesday night (like I said, very quick trip). We left Arkansas at 5pm to *enjoy* a 3 hour layover in Dallas. All-in-all it went fairly smoothly, until they announced that our flight was delayed 30 minutes! By that time all I wanted to do was lay down on the play area bench and go to sleep! If only Starbucks hadn't been closed! By the time we finally took off on our final flight home, my son had already fallen asleep like a little angel. My daughter was asleep halfway through the flight and they never woke up through landing, getting off the plane, going to the car, driving home or even being stuffed in their beds for the rest of the night. They really are good travellers, eh? I was so grateful since I was the walking dead by then. After stumbling into bed at 1:30am, I thought I had truly died and gone to heaven on my pillow. It took me most of the next day to recover from it all. There's something about the exhaustion of the first trimester (at least for me), that is worse than just about anything....I think my point here was that the whole trip I kept thinking "how will I ever do it with three?!?" But I know that my experience level will simply bump up and it'll eventually seem easy, right? Right?!

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