15 February 2008

Family Treasures

In recent months my mom and her siblings (all six of them!) have been dealing with the challenges brought by my grandmother's Alzheimers and dementia. She's been slowly getting worse for a while, but it seemed like last Fall everything hit top speed. In the past month they were able to move her into a wonderful assisted-living facility--one that my dad's mother also lived in before her death last year. She seems to be settling in well there, even though the first couple of weeks were a little bumpy. My mom and her brother and sisters have had the task of emptying out Grandma's house. So they have been slowly sorting things and choosing treasures to take home and share with the grandchildren. I have been blessed to be able to give a home to several of those treasures, which makes me very happy! I love antiques and especially when they have a special family connection. I thought I would share some pics of two of my favorite treasures.

a lovely old Windsor chair

a table that belonged to my Great-Grandmother

I've loved the chair for a long time and hoped that someday I would be able to have it. Now it is my computer desk chair and it's wonderful! The table was a surprise--it seemed that no one else had room for it or wanted to move it (it's very heavy). So my sweet mother said "Lora will take it!" and she and my dad graciously brought it all the way to Alabama from Arkansas. I'm thrilled, of course! Maybe another day I will share some of the other (smaller) treasures that I've been entrusted with.

To see some more people's treasures you can check out "Show & Tell" at There Is No Place Like Home.


Anonymous said...

I love getting items that were handed down. Your are beautiful.

nannykim said...

oooooh, thanks for sharing; those are really beautiful. Can't believe your parents lugged that heavy table all the way for you. They do mean so much when they have a family history---I have some chairs that mean a lot to me too!

Lori Stilger said...

They're beautiful!!!! You're very blessed! :) The older I get, the more I wish I had things from my family's past.
Have a wonderful day!

Autumn said...

Those are so cool! I love old furniture.
Your blog is very pretty.

Jean said...

Wonderful old pieces! I love old family furniture too. Love the table!

Constance said...

It's an honor when you get to have something like that entrusted to your care! When my beloved grandmother passed away 7 years ago she left meher old trunk and it was filled with the family photos. I am the family's Historian, involved heavily wiht our Genealogy. About a month ago I dropped the trunk off to have it restored. When I get it back, it'll be my Show & Tell, (anxiously waiting)!

Hootin' Anni said...

gorgeous!!! The furniture is just plain gorgeous!!

[and I like you blog template and header too!]

My show n tell is shared, if you haven't stopped over yet, I hope you can drop by.

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh those are two beautiful treasures indeed!!

Charlotte said...

You are indeed blessed to have these beautiful items that mean so much to you.
Have a blessed weekend.

Cheryl said...

What treasures you've gotten! I love furniture! Your so lucky~ I love to use those big tables as end tables next to a couch... so cute!

Jewelgirl said...

Don't forget to write down
somewhere for your kids where
these treasures came from.
Your older children - someday
will appreciate the story and
the treasures so much more!
Family treasures are the best!

dawn224 said...

it's so hard. the same happened with my grandma too. peace to your family.

(and um.. really pretty stuff there :) )