10 February 2008

A Good Sugar Buzz

This past weekend I had a temporary lapse in my usual good judgement and thought that it was time for my 2-year-old son to join my daughter and me in the art of cookie making. We decided to make our annual Valentine cut-out sugar cookies. We had so much fun, I think there were almost as many sprinkles on the cookies as there were on the floor!!

the decorating fun begins

the yummy finished products

My daughter is quite the expert these days, now being very experienced in the art of cutting out sugar cookies and then decorating them. My son was so hilarious though! As you can see above there were lots cut out with mini cutters--well, he would decorate one of those and then promptly pop it in his mouth. I guess he thought that was the process: cut out, bake, decorate, eat immediately. We had so much fun though and I fell asleep happily that night feeling like such a *good mom*.


Kari said...

I can just picture the chaos! lol Yea, B! Welcome to the world of icing and sprinkles. =)

SimpleFolk said...

How fun! Looks like you have some great helpers there. Your blog is lovely and I enjoyed my visit! :-)