22 February 2008

New Haircut

the Princess' new do

I was sad about giving the Princess a substantial trim (about 4"), but she really did need it for her hair to be healthier. I know it'll grow fast. She's loving it though (as if you couldn't tell by that irrepressible cheesy smile she couldn't wipe off her face-ha!). Now if only Nana won't kill me...


Chantico said...

I LOVE her haircut! Tell the Princess that she looks VERY stylish.
Still working on that newsy letter. Believe it or not, you are always the top on my list to write letters to...which just shows you that no one else ever gets any, either! :( My reasoning goes like this: I can't write anyone until I write you because I owe you more news than I do anyone else!

Lora said...

I love her hair-cut . I just had 8" lopped off my own so it could grow back healthier !
Lora in GA