15 February 2008

A Valentine's Day Re-cap

It was a great day! We started it with heart-shaped waffles for breakfast. We had a fun, unexpected visit from my parents this week, so the kiddos were very excited to have their Nana & Papi here for the festivities. Of course they came bearing gifts from themselves and my sister. Here are a few pics:

a handmade Valentine tote bag from my sister

goodies from Nana & Papi

more goodies from Nana & Papi

Valentine shirts (Mr. B's was made by my sis)

I also baked a heart-shaped red velvet cake (I'm pretty sure that's my favorite cake ever!). Even though my icing got a little runny, we've all been enjoying it!

The day had a lovely ending, too. My wonderful husband had made all the arrangements for us to have a *hot date*. We took the kiddos to the sweet sitter's house and then went out for a delicious steak dinner. Since he'd been planning and budgeting this for a while and all , I splurged on the filet mingon...mmmmm. Then because there were no movies we were just dying to see, we grabbed some mochas at a coffee shop and came back home to watch LOST (we're soooo addicted!) before we picked up the kiddos. It was a great evening!

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