26 March 2008

And a good time was had by all....

Things are getting back to routine here today. Well...sort of. I feel pretty yucky and have spent a large part of the afternoon on the sofa. Just that lovely achey-tight chest-a little feverish feeling. Tonight I'm staying in from our mid-week church service for a little more rest. I figured the nursery wouldn't really want me around coughing on all of the children anyway. Vince took our kiddos with him, so I'm getting some real rest time. The weather is so nice today, so I'm enjoying sitting here by the open door and listening to the outdoor sounds (birds, dogs, the hum of a lawn mower).

The past couple of days Vince's parents were here and we had a very nice visit with them. It was their first time here where we live in Alabama and we probably wore them out a little seeing some of the sights. I know the kiddos wore them out playing! They had a lot of fun!

visiting the lion habitat at the University of Northern Alabama

at UNA with Meme & Papa

playing Elefun with Papa & Meme

(notice the Princess in her Cinderella outfit!)

I guess the Princess is going to have some big expectations for her birthday for next year. She'll think Easter and a houseful of company is the standard from now on! Come to think of it, it is a pretty good standard, I guesss.


Betsy said...

Feel better soon! You must have gotten worn down with all the company and festivities! Can't wait until it's warm enough here to have the windows open! Sounds wonderful!

Kari said...

I still haven't ever played Elefun with them. =) Oh, well. Hope P's feeling better.

Jamie said...

Looks like you have been busy having lots of fun with your family lately. I love all the pictures...your kids are adorable.