06 March 2008

Blue & White *State* Plates

As you may well have guessed, I LOVE blue and white china!! I have lots of mismatched blue and white transferware hanging around my kitchen. We eat daily from a set of Johnson Bros. Blue Willow. I also have several blue and white ceramic accessories around the house. This is our 5th residence since we've been married and I have decorated with blue and white somewhere in each. Along the way though I've discovered that blue and white can go with just about any color scheme. I've hung them plates on white walls, tan walls, gold walls, red walls, pale yellow walls, apple green walls and patterned wallpapered walls. So at my home you'll see touches of blue and white just about anywhere.

I thought I'd share a particular collection that I've been accumulating for several years now. It has starred in a white beaded board bathroom, an apple green playroom and now a soft golden laundry room. It's my blue and white state plate collection. And by *state plate* I don't mean vehicle license plates that are blue and white, as one friend thought when I told her about them:) They are souvenir plates that are relatively inexpensive (usually $3 to $8 or so, although I have paid a little less or a little more) as most have no markings on the backs. I have plates from sixteen different states with several more plates that are from specific American historic sites. I've also mixed in a few other patriotic prints that I love, just for fun. I have so much fun when I score one at an antique shop or mall. They're getting harder for me to find, it seems, but that makes the victory of finding one even more enjoyable!

a plate from my home state

George & Martha Washington silhouettes with a Mt. Vernon plate

state plates with a few other patriotic plates and prints

a larger view of the state plates

To enjoy looking at more of other people's treasures, check out There Is No Place Like Home with Kelli.


Rick Rack Attack said...

What gorgeous plates! Something about the simplicity & beauty of blue & white.

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Farrah said...

I never would have guessed that they work with all those colors! Beautiful collection!

I'm having a blog giveaway! Hope you can come visit!


cherished*vintage said...

Hi Lora! I love your collection of state plates. Very cool and unique. How fun to search for! Neat show and tell, thanks for sharing!

Hootin' Anni said...

Singly, these area amazing...but to see them on the wall grouped together like that is just downright awesome!!!

Mine's posted, tho quite eclectic today. Hope you can find time to stop by if you haven't already.

Happy weekend.

Judy said...

That is pretty collection. I like that you are displaying them.

Anonymous said...

Your plates are lovely. I like the way you display them. Very unique!



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Constance said...

I like dthe way you did Mt Vernon with george and Martha Washington. Those are really nice. Now when I go antiquing I'll probably see those and know what they are! Thanks for sharing,

stace said...

great plates.....my best friend loves the blue and white dishes too.....never would have thought to put them on the walls like that

Penless Thoughts said...

A wonderful collection and display.

Barbara H. said...

What a great collection!

Jewelgirl said...

Wow, these plates are beautiful.
I like them grouped on the wall!

jennifer said...

Such a pretty collection! Is the wall yellow that the plates are on? Very cool collection! Jen

Calico ginger said...

Great collection! I am doing the same, but I am in Australia, so the plates are a lot harder to come by. I hang mine in my bathroom, because they don't get affected by steam/water and they are easy to clean.

Lea said...

Well written article.