28 March 2008

Chicken Soup & Jello Water

It has been a rough few days around here. I felt pretty cruddy on Wednesday, but then Thursday was feeling better. However, on Thursday morning the Princess woke up feeling bad. She seemed to improve over the day, but by bedtime was feeling yucky again. And I felt like I was dying by bedtime last night. I don't remember when I had such a high fever! It was a pretty miserable night. Thankfully, the fever is gone this morning, but the Princess and I are both still puny (that's a nice Southern word for feeling terrible). Yesterday I made us some (from the box) chicken noodle soup and this morning whipped up some Jello water for the Princess--both remedies from my childhood. In case you're wondering what Jello water is, it's simply the Jello before it firms up in the fridge--you just drink it instead of eating it. I guess my mom thought sugar water was the best thing for a sick kid, and I sure did love it (still do!). Although her potato soup was truly the BEST remedy for when I was sick as a child. I wish she were here to make if for me right now!

What are some remedies that you use when your family is sick? Do you tend to do the same things that your mom did?


Kari said...

Mmmm...Jello water! You know, I actually crave it when I'm sick? Mom totally programmed us for it.

Betsy said...

My mom always made us an egg and toast. I guess she thought it was good protein and easy on the stomach. And 7-UP. I still think of it as a comfort drink when I'm sick. Funny how those things stick with you! I actually read somewhere not too long ago that chicken soup actually has been scientifically proven to help heal a cold when you are sick. Moms really did know! Feel better y'all!