24 March 2008

Family Fun

Whew! This past weekend was quite a whirlwind. My parents and sister were here for several days and we had so much fun. My dad was here for an extra couple of days, so we got to have a little more fun with him at the park. We had some beautiful Spring weather for flying kites!

Mr. B with Papi

The Princess running with the wind

On Saturday we had some Easter egg hunt fun in the backyard. It was the first time Mr. B has really done one and the Princess probably doesn't remember the last time she did; they had such a blast!

gathering eggs

Easter morning came early, but the kiddos were so ready to wear their new clothes. Mr. B said "I look just like Daddy" (even though my hubby didn't actually wear a suit yesterday:).

Easter morning finery

wishing Papi & Nana a safe trip back home

telling Aunt Kari goodbye

The family fun is still continuing...Vince's parents arrived today for a visit. It's been a long time since we've seen them, so we're enjoying our visit together. I'm sure I'll have pics of that visit to post soon.


Betsy said...

Such wonderful pictures! We didn't have any extended family for Easter and I missed that!
Your kids look adorable in their church clothes!

Anonymous said...

"i look just like daddy" lol. bennet has gotten soo big. and emma is tall!

Kari said...

Oh! I love the picture of me with the kids. I'm suprised it turned out well, B was so sick of the camera by then.

Songlee said...

Well, after leaving your house last week I thought I would try this Blogspot thing! Love your page. The kiddos look awesome. Now I just have to get used to this myself!