17 March 2008

Menu Plan Monday

So, last week went very well....I am lovin' this menu planning! This week I did another little inventory of the kitchen to decide what we're having this week. I always find such good stuff that I forgot that I bought! Besides what I've planned here for us, I've also got a couple of extra meals to plan out for some friends who've recently had babies. I remember what a blessing it was for us when our children were born to have friends bring us meals during those first weeks, so I always try to do that for others.

Monday: Vince is taking me out--to bribe me to be in one of his videos*

Tuesday: chicken fried rice, eggrolls, teryaki noodles, stir-fry veggies

Wednesday: fellowship meal at church

Thursday: 3-cheese tortellini w/marinara sauce, salad, garlic bread

Friday: grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, veggie side dish

All-in-all a delicious week! I have some good leftovers saved up for lunches, too. The weekend will be busy and fun. My parents, sister and a friend are coming for Easter and my daughter's birthday. So there will be lots of eating involved. I have a *spectacular* birthday cake planned for the Princess. More details to follow soon concerning that. Right after Easter, Vince's parents are coming for a visit. It's their first time here, so we're planning to have some of the good local specialites (aka: barbeque chicken w/white sauce).

Don't forget to check out lots of other great menus & recipes at I'm an organizing junkie today!

*Just a note: My husband is a student minister and LOVES to make videos. He does lots of youth-related ones, but lately he's also been having fun entering some of the contests that YouTube offers. So far he's won the grand prize for a Nesquik video, along with being a finalist with LG, Samsung, and Home Depot to name a few. He's very talented at what he does and he has some crazy fun with it--so be prepared if you click over to view some:)


Jamie said...

Your menu looks great and your week sounds like it will be a lot of fun! Enjoy your family!

Heather & Reese said...

Your menu sounds great. I need to find a reason for Tim to butter me up; dinner out once this week would be nice!

Sounds way fun with the videos. I'll go check them out!

Blessings, Lora!


Anonymous said...

i've never done tortellini before.... i might try...that sounds wonderful!

Elizabeth said...


UKZoe said...

sorry I'm late commenting. Looks like a good menu, and congrats to your hubby. ONly please don't tell my son. One of the courses he's doing at school this year is media studies and he'll go nuts over those competitions! I'll never get him out from behind the camera.