12 March 2008

The Season's First Picnic

I don't know about where you live, but here in Northwest Alabama it is a beautiful day--around 70F! This only increases Spring Fever, ya know?

The kiddos wanted to eat outside for lunch and I was happy to oblige. Something about the outdoors just makes you eat better, I think. So I fixed them tuna salad (for the first time, too) and they loved it--or maybe the weather just made it taste delicious.

Speaking of Spring and all, that means swimsuit season is on the way--yikes! For my husband's b-day I got him a membership to a fitness center--he's been wanting one forever, so I wasn't just trying to give him a hint or anything. He was so excited! He's been working out almost every single day since and has already lost over 5 lbs. I'm so proud of him! He's eating better, too.
Sooooo, I thought I'd better start being a little more diligent in the fitness area, too. A girl at our church (she's a personal trainer) has started a (FREE) workout class for women at the church once a week. I haven't been able to go until last night and OH. MY. WORD. I am SO sore today! I don't think I've really worked out since college (and let's just say, that's been a while). Apparently chasing preschoolers isn't quite the workout others claim it to be. Some of the women at the class last night said how impressed they were that I wasn't doing any *complaining* like some of them during the workout. I told them that I would've said plenty if I had been able to actually BREATHE! Anyway, I'm hoping this will motivate me to really use my treadmill for, you know, exercising in-between those painful workouts (instead of just hanging the laundry on it). I've got to be in better shape for some of that *complaining* next week!
Well, I'm off to do my bi-annual car cleanout! Have a blessed day!


Kari said...

HI!! I'm back! Hope the weather holds and is beautiful for Easter--oops, I mean P's bday! =)

Charity Grace said...

What a cute picture! My babies love eating outside too...