13 April 2008

Happy Weekend!

I hope that you're having a great weekend! Mine has been good.

Friday night my hubby was out-of-town on a college ministry trip to Nashville. I had originally planned to go with the kiddos, but at the last minute decided that it wouldn't be wise. So instead I tucked the kiddos into bed at their usual early hour and got busy cleaning out some files and cleaning my desk (MAJOR paper clutter). I worked on it most of the evening, but it felt sooooo good to have it all finished. Here are a couple of pics that I took:

my desk *before*

my desk *after*
(sorry this picture is dark, but notice how all the paper piles are gone!!)

Then I treated myself to these little goodies (although I cheated and used the refrigerated, break-apart kind):

wouldn't you like one?

go ahead, take one!

Then Saturday came. Vince got home early in the day and we decided to go to the park for some fun with the Princess and Mr. B. There's this great local park that not only has a playground, a waterfall, a pond with Canadian geese, beautiful trees and flowers, but it also has a carousel, a train and a mini roller coaster! So, we played and played...it was really so much fun! Plus there was a wedding reception going on at the large pavilion, so we had some fun live music to listen to also.

After fun at the park, we visited a small local bookstore. It has a *cave* in the children's area and the kiddos had so much fun picking out books to look at inside the cave. After that we were getting hungry, so we walked up the block to a little Italian place. We filled up our tummies and then headed home. It was really a great day! We went to bed tired and happy!

Today has been a good day, too. After church, we enjoyed lunch with friends and now we're having a relaxing afternoon. I hope you're having one, too.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24


Betsy said...

What a wonderful weekend you have had! I love the desk...so neat and tidy! Isn't it amazing how quickly it becomes a pit? You fun Saturday sounds wonderful...and a great park so close to you! How fun! Yes, I want one of those cookies...or two! :)

Elizabeth said...

I think your desk looks much improved!
And yes, I'd love a chocolate chip cookie just about now.
Always a tasty snack mid afternoon.
All good wishes

Heather & Reese said...

You're desk looks AWESOME! I can't believe the teasing with the yummy cookies-- SO unfair!! ;) And it looks like you had an awesome time this weekend.

I'm jealous of anyone with nice weather right now. Today at 2pm it was 39 degrees here! OY! Al Gore needs to visit th UK.

Bless you,


Kelli said...

It looks like a fun weekend! Your "after" desk looks wonderful, you did a great job and I'll take one of those cookies. :0)

Nancy said...

Wow! Look at you getting all motivated and organizing! And I'm SOOO jealous of the cookies. They look delicious!

What a wonderful Saturday you guys had. Hope you have great weather when we're there in May...hoping we can hook up with you guys!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. That park sounds like a lot of fun. You're desk pictures are inspiring, it looks great.
Enjoy your week!