09 April 2008

My Favorite House

This month completes our first year in this house. It's my favorite house of the three that we've owned. The couple who lived here before us were here for almost 40 years! They took such great care of the house and the yard--they apparently worked in the yard all the time according to the neighbors. In the previous houses we've owned we've had to do EVERYTHING to the yard. Here we've pretty much done nothing, except maintenance.

They planted zoysia grass in the front AND the back, dogwood trees, Japanese maples, large oaks and maples (and a couple of trees that I don't know their names), hostas, azaleas, a fig tree, blueberry bushes, a snowball bush, a holly tree, roses (climbing and miniature), creeping flox, hydrangeas, crepe myrtles....the list goes on but I don't know the names of all the others.

Please don't think I'm bragging since we didn't do anything except buy the house. It's all such a blessing! I'm trying to learn how to care for everything as best I can. I know nothing at all about roses and I thought I'd almost killed them last year. However, they've leafed out beautifully this spring and it looks like there's lots of buds forming. I've got to do some serious reading up on the care of roses though--if you have any advice for me at all feel free to share!

Here are some shots from my yard that I took today, just had to share them with you!

in the front yard: an azalea bush in very full bloom

in the front yard: a Japanese maple

in the front yard: a close up of the lambs' ears coming up

looking into the backyard: roses on the fence with dogwood trees behind

in the backyard: dogwoods, a Japanese maple, creeping flox

in the backyard: trumpet vine

The Princess enjoying the Spring day
(blueberry bushes in the background)


Heather & Reese said...

Lora - Your yard is beautiful. My favorite plants are azaleas. My boss bought me one for Valentines day and I killed it within 2 weeks. I do not have any talent whatsoever with gardening! What a blessing to have a yard all ready for you when you move in :)

Congrats on winning the book!!!!


P.S. We are having another book giveaway....feel free to enter :)

Betsy said...

Your yard is wonderful! I love seeing everything in bloom ~ we aren't that far along in spring up here in Ohio...the daffodils just bloomed a few days ago. I love older homes with their mature yards, trees, and plants! How wonderful for you! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Betsy said...

Hi Lora

I’m tagging you for a Six Word Memoir! Hope you play!

1. Write your own six-word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog (and include a visual illustration if you’d like).
3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.
4. Tag five more blogs with links.
5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

Nancy said...


What a beautiful home you have..and a gorgeous surrounding! I'm so jealous of the weather, too. We are stuck with rain and cold still.

Jamie said...

What a beautiful yard you have it looks absolutely lovely!!!

Songlee said...

I love your house!!!! One of my favorite Bennett Lee moments is him throwing himself onto the zoysia grass in the backyard and fluttering his eyelids while the wind blew. Awesome home, awesome pastors, awesome kids.

Chantico said...

I'm DEFINITELY coming to visit that yard-oh yeah, and the people who own it, too. Wow Lora,
it's really gorgeous! I love my place here, but the one drawback is that I have no yard/gardening space-even my patio sits in the shade for most of the day. Of course, the one good side to that is that I have no yard to HAVE to care for, either. It goes both ways.

I'll post my memoir after my grades are in-we're having a workday today, and I am SO far behind!

Britt-Arnhild said...

A perfect princess playground :-)