17 April 2008

Packing Our Bags

Happy Thursday!

I am (getting ready to be) busy packing our bags for a few days' trip this weekend. Our 11th wedding anniversary is this weekend and we wanted a little getaway out-of-town. After considering all of our options we decided to pack the kiddos and head to Arkansas to visit my family. That way we all get to have some fun: visiting with family, a couple of days in our old hometown, plus free childcare for our *date night* and free lodging:) Can't beat that! We're all looking forward to it very much. The Princess has been counting the days--literally!

So, I'm off to get our clothes together and (most importantly) the road trip activities and snacks for the kiddos. I got them some lap trays yesterday, so they have them all packed with fun stuff for the car.

Of course, I'll have access to a computer there, so hopefully I'll get a chance to post while I'm gone. If not, then I'll be back in a few days. Meanwhile, have a GREAT weekend!!

The kiddos working puzzles--they love them!


Kandis said...

wish i could see you there! did you get ashley's email?! can you believe it?!

i'm totally jealous of your yard, btw. it's gorgeous.

miss you so much and hopefully we can talk soon. (i know i keep saying that....)


Lora said...

Hey, Kandis!! So awesome to hear from you!
Yes, I did get Ash's email. I'm sad in a way, but I totally understand her decision. I'm just excited that I'm going to get to go to the shop this weekend:)
Thanks for the nice comment on our yard. I really love it!
I would LOVE to see you, too. We've got to catch-up with each other soon.
Thanks for coming by the blog!
Love you!

Heather & Reese said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a blessed weekend!


Betsy said...

Yes, Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful trip!

Kelli said...

Happy Anniversary!! Have a wonderful weekend away!

Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your time together. Sounds like it should be fun!
Oh, I finally got around to posting my six word memoir...thanks for tagging me.

steven Farrell said...

have an awesome anniversary. thought saying the word "happy" was to cle-shay. spell? well, have fun. and you can go ahead and book your flight or drive to okc. i enrolled in a couple of courses in the summer to be able to graduate in May. whop whop!

Kandis said...

okay, seriously, i think you've created a monster. how am i possibly supposed to have time to read all these blogs?!?! there are so many and they're so good. AND i'm feeling like a total failure b/c the thought of actually having time to sit down and HAVE a blog is overwhelming!

we need to talk. :)