04 April 2008

The Princess Has Her Day...Again and Thoughts on God's Goodness

What with having her birthday on Easter, all the visiting relatives, and then the immediately following flu, the Princess didn't have a chance to celebrate with her friends. And, believe me, she just didn't feel like her birthday was complete without having *the girlfriends* over! So yesterday afternoon we invited several of her friends over for some fun. And fun it was: cupcakes, ice cream, gifts, and much princess play (ie: dress up!).

blowing out *5* candles

gettin' sugared-up!

a Cinderella play set: Prince included!

She had a great time, Mr. B enjoyed terrorizing all the girls (I can still hear the screams!) and I was totally ready for a nap after so much celebrating! Thank the Lord that we're feeling so much better and beginning to get our energy back.

On another note: I just have to share how good God is! Lately my husband and I (along with our whole church) are going through a very stressful and discouraging situation with our church. I haven't really talked about because 1. this isn't really the place and 2. it's just depressing. But God is always working for our good, even when it's sometimes hard to see. The past couple of weeks the whole situation has really been getting to me and I've been pretty discouraged about it. Well, on Wednesday morning my dad called with a very encouraging word for Vince and me. Just a reminder that God has us on His mind and loves us so much. Then that evening I received a very encouraging email from a friend--one who is have an even bigger struggle in this situation than I am--but she took the time to send me a little note with some very uplifiting words and the reminder that she's praying for me. And then (yes! there's more!) yesterday one of the sweet wives in our young couples' small group sent me a note that really made my day. (I think she heard somewhere that I love real mail in the mailbox). I have been continually thanking God these past couple of days for loving me so much and caring about me so individually. He knows right when we really need that word of kindness or that prayer of encouragement and I'm so grateful. Those small acts of love and kindness mean the world!

the note of encouragement


Nancy said...

I can't believe E is 5!!! She looks so much like you, too! What a beautiful little princess you have...and what a fun "friend" party.

Great thoughts on God's encouragement, too...totally needed that today! Thanks!

Jamie said...

I'm just catching up on your posts that I have missed recently. Sorry to hear you are going through some tough stuff at church recently, we have been as well, but I know that God is faithful and will work all things together for good. I'll be praying for your church.