07 April 2008

What a day...

Today has been ...a day. It had it's ups and then it had it's downs. The ups included getting some of my house really cleaned and almost getting caught up on laundry. More ups were hanging out with the girls in the high school small group that I lead. We spent the first half of our time together picking up trash on a road that our student ministry has *adopted*. That was cool, and they were so glad to do it! Then we came back to my house and made our own pizzas. I just bought refrigerated dough and then let the girls top it with their fave toppings. They loved it! They are really great girls and I enjoy spending time with them a lot!

Then came the down...Vince had taken the kiddos to Chuck E. Cheese while I was doing the small group thing. While they were throwing back some pizza and winning at skiball his truck was broken into in the parking lot. *They* broke out his passenger side window and stole his laptop (which was hidden underneath some clothes, but not well enough apparently). Yep, it's quite the bummer.

But I was really proud of him. Even though he was upset about it, he was able to take advantage of a *teachable moment* with the kiddos and talk with them about forgiving others--even when we don't know them.


Nancy said...

Lora, I'm so sorry! WHat a horrible thing to have to deal with...but what a wonderful "teachable moment."

On the "up" side, your day with the high school girls sounds wonderful!

Heather & Reese said...

Oh, Lora! That's terrible. I'm sorry. What a blessing to have a godly husband who can turn it into a lesson for the kids- and himself no doubt!

Hey, Congratulations! You won the drawing for "The Frazzled Female" at Kicking It In Crazyville. Please email your mailing address to kickingitincrazyville@gmail.com.

Bless you!


Jamie said...

What a bummer! I am so sorry that happened. How great though that your husband could use that situation as a teachable moment for your kids.