10 May 2008

A Day at the Gardens

Yesterday was a wonderful family day! We took the kiddos to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. Huntsville is just far enough away that it really feels like we're really *going somewhere*. I love to go see the local sights and I had checked out the gardens before, noting that they had a children's garden there. But when I recently checked their website and saw that they were having a special *Dinosaur Uproar* event and that May is when the butterflies hatch out in the nature center, I knew we HAD to take the kiddos soon! We all had so much fun!

the kiddos "roaring" at a topiary dino

in the Storybook Garden

the key to the Secret Garden

looking at flowers through a kalidescope

butterflies flitting around in the nature center


Songlee said...

Looks fun!!!! I bet the kiddos enjoyed it!

Nancy said...

So much fun...and looks like a GORGEOUS day for it! Glad you got to enjoy some family fun!

Kari said...

I'm not even a topiary dinosaur, but I'm still intimidated by that roar! =)